Review: Haripur Wala

By Emerson Shams

Haripur Wala is anything but your traditional idea of an Indian restaurant. Located above Capriccios on Saddler, they redefine everything you expect. As you climb the stairs you are welcomed with beautiful photos and posters which relate to modern Indian culture. At the top you find the cosy and chic restaurant. The use of space in the restaurant gives a lively, yet comfortable atmosphere as you don’t feel packed inside. It’s a great place to go with your parents, or on a date.

The food is great, innovative, beautiful, and affordable. My one note, if you do enjoy the more spiced, traditional style of Indian food, you will find that with only some dishes, as most are tailored for the larger audience.

I can see this place becoming a new favourite of mine, but also of Durham’s

Prices are great as well. For our entire meal we paid £35. They have a large range of dishes which vary between an average of £5-10. I like how they offer two sizes for some of the dishes as it allows you to get more options to share. We chose to order the smaller sizes of salmon and chicken, both of which were divine. I don’t think I can ever return and not get the Salmon.

Overall we ordered:

-Lentil Crackers Nachos (£3.95: 9/10)

-An absolute must have, they are delicious.

-Haripuri Salmon Tikka regular size (£6.95 for 3 pieces: 10/10)

-Definitely the best thing we ordered.

-Malai Chicken regular size (£5.5 for 3 pieces: 9/10)

-Tender breast meat and a unique way to prepare the dish.

-Tarka Dal (£7.9: 6/10)

-We did enjoy this dish once we mixed it with the rice, but we personally would have liked more spices in it.

-Dum Pukht Biryani (£10.95: 10/10)

-Again HEAVEN. This lamb dish is one of their recommended and it’s that way for a reason. Some may find it spicy, but it was exciting when it came out with fresh naan baked on top. It was also the most traditional Indian dish we ordered.

-Naan (2/10)

-You may be confused about this because I just said the Naan was good, and the one that came on the Biryani was amazing, however the side we got was not warm and very stiff.

-White rice (3/10)

-While I would definitely say it’s better than the stuff they give us in college, it was dry and tasteless, as if no salt had been added. However, once it was drenched in Daal it wasn’t too bad.

Overall: 8/10. It is definitely not the most authentic Indian cuisine, but their use of Indian spices to create new dishes was ingenious. Furthermore, the entire atmosphere of the restaurant makes it an enjoyable place to be. I can see this place becoming a new favourite of mine, but also of Durham’s.

Photograph: Emerson Muhmoud

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