Gins and balls, what more?: Durham University’s Gin Soc

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With the remnants of the festive season still residing in the not-yet-empty bottles of flavoured gins dwelling somewhere in the house, now seemed like the perfect time for us to investigate into one of the university’s much-loved societies. We spoke to the executive committee of Durham’s Gin Society to reminisce on the days when society events didn’t just revolve around Zoom, and to tell us the next gin flavour to try during one of many cocktail experimenting lockdown nights.

Could you tell us about the history of Gin Soc, and how it was founded? 

Gin Soc has been going since 2016 and was founded to unite gin enthusiasts and give students a casual education on the origin of gin. Gin Soc has since blossomed and our prestigious Juniper Balls are evidence of the society’s success.  

What attracts this society to students? 


Incredible balls and events  

Not much else, it’s that simple 

How is Gin Soc adapting to COVID-19? 

As with any society, we have only been able to run online events. Our Christmas giveaway was just the beginning of more exciting ‘Covid-19 friendly’ campaigns to come. Keep an eye out on our social media over the coming weeks! 

Have you collaborated, or do you plan to collaborate with other societies? 

We haven’t collaborated with any societies before but we’ve had other societies reach out to us this year so a Gin Soc collab could soon be on the cards. 

If the pandemic didn’t exist, what events would you plan for this year? 

Typically, we’d be preparing for our Juniper ball at the moment but we were also planning a tasting to let freshers try out Gin Soc for the beginning of term. We’re aiming to organise events for the next two terms (corona-permitting) so watch this space! 

What’s your favourite gin? 

Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin – a staple of any Gin Soc event, its floral nose and zesty palate is a firm favourite.  

What’s your favourite bar in Durham? 

Bar 33 – we love the secrecy of it!  

What’s your favourite gin-based cocktail? 

Gin Martini – we can’t think of a better way to truly appreciate the taste of gin.  

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