Review: Much Ado About Nothing

By Dan Bavister

Sometimes Shakespeare can feel somewhat static, with lines seeming as if they have been dissolved in formaldehyde, their meaning and emotional candour lost. However, Snow-Globe Theatre Company’s latest production of Much Ado About Nothing is anything but static. It is bursting with ebullience and good cheer, its cast vivacious and commanding copious enthusiasm. In short, this production is an excellent achievement.

Snow-Globe’s Much Ado About Nothing was performed at the Mount Oswald Hub on the 15th and 16th of June. Expertly directed by Lily Gilchrist, with assisting, this production provides a feast for the audience’s senses, engaging dynamic use of light, sound, and movement.

This production provides a feast for the audience’s senses, engaging dynamic use of light, sound, and movement

The beach setting is relaxed yet engaging, with a fun, slick tone, bursting with colour. The costumes are well-appointed, with beautiful, colourful dresses providing pangs of brightness, that sit well amidst the beach-themed setting. Bestrewn with palms and assorted flora, deck chairs and other seaside-related paraphernalia complete the scene. Underpinned by classic eighties music, there is a synergetic harmony and cohesion to the set design.

The cast is ubiquitously talented, but there are also charismatic gems, who shine out particularly. is an ethereal Don Pedro, whose natural charm perfectly complements the slick but relatable humour of ’s Benedick. For this production’s Hero, provides a sultry but sophisticated rendition, deserving of high praise. Rickard is complemented well by Millie Adams, who together prove energetic and nuanced, supported by Ellie Mather (Margaret) and April Kinder (Ursula). All told, the cast are able and passionate, throwing themselves into their roles with energy and verve.

There is a synergetic harmony and cohesion to the set design

and Isabella Broxis, the co-production managers, supported by as assistant, prove a first-rate production team. Theo Nellis’ lighting is elegant and always on-point, often helping to affirm setting. While stage managers, and Bryony Curley, ensured smooth transitions and beautiful pacing. The chemistry and sensitivity of the cast is emphasised by the production teams’ diligent and spirited support, the cast’s acting talent able to shine because of this.

Startlingly comedic throughout, this production would have benefitted from a greater sense of gravitas, however momentary, during the crucial scenes. This noted, the production remains exciting and enjoyable to watch, and proved a rip-roaring success.

Altogether, this is a compelling and entertaining production. Interweaving a modern setting with a gorgeous and clear rendering of the Shakespearean script, this production remains relevant and powerful in equal measure.

Image credit: Snow-Globe Theatre Company

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