Part of the elite?


Content warning: this poem includes themes of sexual harassment

They grab my tit
For their pleasure
They grab my benefits
For their greed

They wrack up their collection
Of the girls they can steal
Just because they
Grew up in this field

The champagne socialists
Hiding nepotism
Behind their expensive societies
Hidden from my grasp

The world this institution creates
Has elitism at its birth
My presence here doesn’t change it
It makes my position worse

For I scrape the barrel
To afford the living costs
And return home
With the name on my collarbone

Knowing that it’s not been stamped on
Like for those born to be here
The name Durham is instead branded
Forever burnt into my skin

I’m a mark on
Their quota
Another successful conquest made
You’re part of the elite now babe

Image Credit: Briarcliff Outlook via WikiMedia Commons

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