Durham Echoes: Epiphanies from a hometown


I return to 
The walls in which 
I worried 
The window
Through which 
I pondered 
If this journey
Would morph me 

I return changed
And look again out
To the same small stage
Where actors play 
At their neighbourly roles
And trees sway as I expect them to

It’s strange 
On my return I realise 
Everything is known here
And the new
Which scared me before
Has now become my home 

I sit and sleep and work in the same spaces
I walk the same pathways 
Trodden into my carpet 
But my feet are anew with 
Grazes and scars of the paths
I’ve wandered down since I departed 

My mind is filled double 
With names and faces and voices 
Of people now taking up 
Just a little piece of my mind and heart 

The girl who wrote 
The same words 
On the same phone 
In the same darkness of this room
Would be glad to know 
Her worries weren’t granted 
But led me to grow

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