Durham Echoes: Leaving Durham

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The singing birds have gone away,

And moonlight paves the glass-like Wear

Still night has vanquished bustling day,

Though the frantic morning draws near.

The motorway has stopped whirring

A gentle wind graces the trees

Not a single soul is stirring

Deserted streets are all I see.

Both the Cathedral and the Keep

Stand grave and solemn in half-light,

Not rousing from their timeless sleep—

Between them, remnants of the night,

Fading chatter from distant bars

Laughter and shouts, friends made and lost

And love which stays and love which mars.

And that which is never lost—

Brief memories by those towers

In the gaze of ancient power.

Islands of peace and of action

Joined in a haphazard fashion

Wooded paths graced by gentle streams

In busy libraries— faint dreams.

Lucid stillness, without a sound

On top of Durham’s highest mound

A world away from Saddler Street

Which never tires of rushing feet.

Three years seem an eternity

Recalled in perpetuity.

Those paths and hills were there before

And thus they’ll remain evermore.

So too will chatter fill the bars

And yet the voices won’t be ours.

We’re mere guests, finding short respite,

Resting before eternal flight

In this shield from prosaic life,

A quick breath before future strife,

An island detached from the main,

Soon lost, and never found again.

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One thought on “Durham Echoes: Leaving Durham

  • A timeless evocation of University , a precious period before you embark on your life journeys , enjoy and treasure the memories forever .


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