Teenage girls

By Nicole Longstaff


You release me into a world

That will try to strip me

To my organs 

You expect me to behave 

The same way I always have 

Then you complain 


Oh why are teenage girls 

So hard to love and control 

Oh why are teenage girls so hard to love and control


After spending my childhood 

Blind to what my body sold

To deviant minds 

You take me out to view 

The way my body isn’t mine


You are shocked to see me bleed


I finally get to see how I have no place at all

In a world I thought I lived within 

But am just expected to uphold 

In a world I thought I lived within but am just expected to uphold


The burden of our womanhood

You expect us to drag around 

Don’t you expect us to misbehave?


All this time our innocence

Has been coerced behind our backs 

Our whole ignorant lives 

The burden of our womanhood


Now we have to walk on 

Knowing that all we do 

Will be warped in the male view 


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