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Autumn has always been my favourite time of year. When we get to September, I always wonder how I got through spring at all because really, there’s just no comparison. I’m one of those people who has the tartan scarves, the cinnamon tea, the cable knit jumpers and the leather boots ready to go the minute it starts to get cold. Finally, a time when it’s cold enough to break out the cosy cardigans and blankets, but too warm for the first frosts to fall; when the leaves gather in rust-coloured heaps under trees and around pavements, and when Durham looks its best.

it’s the best time of year to get to know the city

As a historic city, something about Keats’ ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ fits this place so well. The crunch of leather boots against crisp piles of leaves settling on the cobbles of the Bailey; the amber streetlamps that turn the pavements gold by night; the sight of the Cathedral’s immense Gothic silhouette against the cool October sky. As a fresher, it’s the best time of year to get to know the city because everything looks so much more magnificent against the golden brown colour schemes of October and November. It’s more than that; the city seems to take on a new aspect, one that makes venturing into the cool Autumn sunshine especially beautiful, and returning into the warm for a cup of tea even more comforting. As something of a home bird (a lot of people questioned why I moved so far away from home for university), Autumn’s inherently cosy and comfortable nature has always appealed to me; as such, this time of year makes Durham feel especially homely and familiar, despite the fact I’ve lived here only a few weeks. I love being able to call this small corner of the world my home for half the year.

look around, bask in the glory that is the pale November sunlight

I appreciate that a lot of people, especially sufferers of SAD (the rather tragic acronym for seasonal

affective disorder) find Autumn a depressing time of year; the trees are dying, the work is piling up, and you can’t go anywhere in the evening without at least twelve layers of clothing. I would ask you to look around, bask in the glory that is the pale November sunlight, in the shades of red and orange that litter every pavement, in the cosy Sunday brunch that you should definitely treat yourself to as a reward for making it through the week. Look around this gorgeous city we live in, take those aesthetic Instagram profile pictures on Kingsgate Bridge, and enjoy this beautiful time of year before it gives way to the next.

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