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Following on from last month, members of Palatinate‘s editorial team are creating Spotify playlists formed of ten recommended songs. Featuring suggestions from a range of Editors, this month Film and TV editor, Madeleine Rosie Strom, provides insight into some of her top tunes, available to listen to on a Spotify playlist here.

It was as I sat down, ready to start writing my list of bops I love, I realised what an arduous and difficult task this is. After revisiting my numerous Spotify playlists, I have curated what I think to be a supreme list of Ultimate Anthems, no matter what genre you listen to. So get your airpods in and the volume turned up and delve into my Music of the Month!

Love Madeleine Rosie Strom (Your very own Film and TV Editor)

  1. Injury Reserve, Amine – Jailbreak the Tesla

The kind of song that makes you want to, quite literally, jailbreak any car you see on the street – Injury Reserve is a perfect replacement to any caffeinated drink. Considering it was arranged and produced by the genius that is Dylan Brady AND written alongside Rico Nasty, you can see how this banger can easily make its way into any gym or motivational playlist. With a thumping bass and lyrics that ooze confidence and wit, Injury Reserve knows how to make a Classified Bop. 

  1. The Mamas & The Papas – California Dreamin’ 

With Autumn rolling in and leaves scattering themselves in heaps down Saddler Street, ‘California Dreamin” is the perfect song to listen to as you walk down the streets of Durham, reminiscing about a warmer, pre-Covid lifestyle. Whilst it may have been released in 1965, there is nothing old or antique about this tune. I shall also add that this is a brilliant song to attempt to perform in the shower – bonus points if you try and nail all the harmonies. 

  1. Soccer Mommy – Bloodstream

We all have those songs that make you feel like you are the ‘main character’. You sit on the bus or train, wistfully staring outside the window, watching life pass you by as you wonder if anyone is looking at this oh so mysterious person. If there is a song to act your main character dreams out to, it certainly is this one. In fact, check out Soccer Mommy’s album Color Theory for a vibe that cannot be unmatched. 

  1. Tkay Maidza – Grasshopper

I truly wish I could say that I had discovered Tkay Maidza in 2015, when she first released her first EP Switch Tape. Sadly, it was only until August 2020 that I started listening to her, after seeing that JPEGMAFIA had featured on her 2019 single ‘Awake’. I can safely confirm that she is my new favorite artist of this year. If you want to get a taste of some brilliant production with a great female rapper, look no further than my favorite song from her 2020 album – Grasshopper. After listening to this, you feel awakened by the inner baddie you always had inside of you. And that is a promise. 

  1. Amnesia Scanner – AS Too Wrong

The Berlin-based, Finnish electronic music duo Amnesia Scanner released their debut album Another Life back in 2018. Two years later, I hopped on the electronic trend and I am not going back. AS Too Wrong is filled with distorted beats and vocals in such a hypnotising manner that you cannot help but repeat the song constantly. A tad weird, a tad funky, but extremely memorable, Amnesia Scanner know the art of making music you cannot ignore. 

  1. FKA twigs – Cellophane

Do you feel like a cry? If you do, I truly do not blame you. But if you are going to pour your heart out, at least do it to FKA Twigs and her insanely beautiful vocals. A rework of a classic piano ballad, Cellophane makes your heart ache in ways that you did not think were possible before. Inspired by her relationship with Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs has the ability to pluck and pull each string of your heart. A true masterpiece. 

  1. Flatsound – You Are the Coffin 

To carry on the sad playlist recommendations, Flatsound similarly encapsulates the meaning of melancholy within music. Coming from his 2012 album ‘Sleep’, Flatsound creates music for when you want to lay down, hearing the patter of rain rhythmically beat itself onto bedroom windows, cancelling the rest of the world around. It is a song crafted for late evening lamentations and midnight musings.  

  1. Lady Gaga – Babylon

Lady Gaga, how do you do it? From ‘Poker Face’ to ‘Love Game’, every song you create is a bop and a half. Her newest album, Welcome to Chromatica, is no exception. The last tune on the album, ‘Babylon’ is a brilliant way to end such a brilliant album. Strut around your room, get dressed up, pour some vino and feel like the Queen that Lady Gaga wants you to be, with this dance anthem blaring in the background. 

  1. The The – This Is The Day

Music is extremely accessible nowadays. From recommendations from friends, to looking at premade Spotify playlists, the opportunities are endless. I was therefore quite surprised when I first discovered This Is The Day by watching the hit TV show Sex Education, and hearing it feature in one of the episodes. Now, I am hooked. Post-punk smothered with nostalgia, ‘This Is The Day’ fits any mood, any tone, any setting. It gets you out of bed, it travels with you in your morning and evening commute, it eases you into the evening. A song I could never get tired of listening to. 

  1. Videoclub – Amour Plastique

Now, I do not understand any French. However, this does not stop me from enjoying and immersing myself in the lyrics of ‘Amour Plastique’, Videoclub’s first single. Influenced by electropop and 1980s synth, Videoclub’s music touches on themes of young love and freedom, with a sprinkling of teenage angst. This is not surprising, considering Videoclub is comprised of Adele Castillon and Matthieu Reynaud, who were only 17 at the time of writing, producing and performing this single. Amour Plastique reminds the listener of the allure and beauty of falling in love, a cliche that they have rewritten and reworked perfectly.

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Image: Lady Gaga by Kevin Mazur via Getty Images for AT&T

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