Eat Out to Help Out: The Durham Guide


Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has helped all of our student bank accounts when he announced the Eat Out to Help Out scheme. For those unaware, a diner eating at a restaurant taking part will have a 50% discount of up £10 – and this offer can be used an unlimited amount of times on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August. Grab your wallets, because eating out has never looked so fun. 

In celebration of this, let’s have a look at our favourite Durham restaurants which will be taking part – and the food you should be ordering from there. 

  1. Fat Hippo

Yes, Durham’s best burgers are getting a discount! Pop along to the burger joint on Saddler Street to listen to some funky tunes and eat your weight in chips and burgers.

Madeleine recommends:

  • Trash Browns (Deep fried tater tots, topped with liquid cheese + cajun onion strings)
  • Notorious VFC 2.0 (Southern fried plant based patty, hash brown, vegan cheese, lettuce, pickles, BBQ sauce + zinger mayo)
  1. The Cellar Door

I have to admit, this one is normally out of the price range, so cheers Rishi for making dining here possible! A go to for when the padres come to visit Durham and feel like taking you out, expect brilliant service coupled with luxurious wines and fine dining.

Madeleine recommends:

  • Crispy duck egg, summer vegetables, potato nest, pea cream, goats cheese
  • Salmon, buttered jersey royals, samphire, mussel & broad bean cream
  1. Oisaki Kitchen

This new takeaway and small eatery has just opened up next to Riverview Kitchen, boasting a wide variety of Asian dishes from Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan. With a Just Eat score of 5.5 / 6 – this could certainly be a new Durham favourite.

Madeleine recommends:

  • The Signature Chicken Katsu 
  • Salt&Chili Tofu 
  1. La Spagghettata

Massive serving portions, 3 litre wines and a great ambience, who doesn’t love Spags? Considering the pastas range from £6-9 before the discount, imagine the amount of plates you could buy for a tenner?

Madeleine recommends:

  • Linguine Al Mare 
  • Penne Alla Vodka
  1. Lebaneat 

A true Durham classic, I think we can all agree that the garlic sauce from Lebaneat should be regarded as a national treasure. Now with Eat Out to Help Out, it looks like there is no excuse to sample everything this restaurant has to offer.

Madeleine recommends: 

  • Lebaneat Mixed Platter (Hummus, moutabal baba ghanoush, wark inab, tabbouleh, labneh, falafel, batata harra, jebne halloumi, served with Lebanese bread and garlic sauce)
  • Moussaka (Baked aubergines with tomatoes, onions, chickpeas, peppers, potatoes and courgettes, served with mixed salad, chips or rice, cucumber salads or vegan hummus and Lebanese bread)

Image: via Pixabay

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