Former Durham student missing in London


Police are increasingly concerned about the disappearance of Sarah Everard, a former student at Durham University, who went missing on the night of Wednesday the 3rd of March on her way home to Brixton in South London.

Her friends notified the police on Thursday when they were unable to get in contact with her. 

She graduated from Durham University in 2008 with a BA in Geography and has since been working as a marketing account manager in London. 

Her friend Rose Woollard told BBC news: “Sarah and I met many years ago whilst studying together at Durham University. She has always been an exceptional friend, dropping everything to be there to support her friends, whenever they need her.”

Friends have said she was looking forward to starting a new job, and can think of no reason she would have been out of contact. 

Another former Durham student, Esther Dingley, disappeared whilst hiking solo in the Pyrenees on 22nd November 2020.

Ms Dingley’s partner, Dan Colgate, believes that his partner was likely taken “against her will”.

French police recently announced that they are likely to temporarily call off the search for the former Durham student. Spanish mountain rescue experts have also recently revealed that they are unlikely to resume searches for Ms. Dingley, warning that depending on weather conditions, it could be July before their search continues.

Lambeth Police are appealing for anyone with information about Ms Everard’s whereabouts to call 999 using the reference 21MIS006196.

Image: Missing People

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