Durham through to the semi-finals of University Challenge

By Blundell

Durham University has triumphed over Edinburgh in the final stage of the quarter-finals of University Challenge, winning by 165-110.

This sends Durham into the semi-finals of this year’s competition, hosted by on BBC Two, whilst Edinburgh will have one last shot at going through to the next stage.

Representing Durham was Round, Toynbee, Murray and Yule. Representing Edinburgh was Booth, Malusà, Fitz- James and Campbell Hewson. The average age on the Durham University team was 20, whilst the average age on the Edinburgh side was 23.

Durham was dominant throughout, with Yule providing a particularly good performance with his knowledge of literature and theatre and Toynbee captaining the team with prowess.

The teams faced tough questions this week, with both sides struggling on picture rounds. However, Durham’s expertise in science and literature kept them on top, as well as managing well in a tough bonus round on knots.

Durham has already defeated Strathclyde, Keble College Oxford and Glasgow in the 2018/19 competition. Edinburgh has been victorious over Sidney Sussex College Cambridge, UCL and Manchester.

Durham University has won University Challenge twice in its history on television, once in 1977 and once in 2000. Edinburgh is yet to triumph in the competition, with their most notable year being 1981 when they were runners-up to Queen’s University Belfast.

Photograph: University Challenge via BBC.

4 thoughts on “Durham through to the semi-finals of University Challenge

  • Surely “representing Durham WERE….”

  • Really enjoying following this very impressive team, and fingers crossed for the semi-finals. I can remember the excitement of the 1977 win – I was a student (St Mary’s) at the time!

  • Good luck in the final, sure you’ll make it.

  • Sadly, Bryan ( Smiler ) Anderson the captain in 1977 was killed a few years later. He was on foot, researching a BBC programme on Drovers’ Roads to London when a wagon driver had , I believe, a heart attack, crossed four lanes of the A1 and hit Bryan. His gravestone is at Durham Crematorium.


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