Alastair Sledge declared Durham Union Society President

By Blundell

Durham Union Society Epiphany 2019 Presidency has been awarded to Alastair Sledge.

Sledge’s campaign was initially ruled as invalid, but this was later overturned by a majority ruling after he appealed the decision.

The election was contested between Sledge, Jack Perry of St. Cuthbert’s Society, and RON.

Palatinate sat down with Sledge, and spoke to him about his Union success:

How does it feel to have been elected Union President?

“It’s surreal, I’m trying to get to work but there are moments where it hasn’t sunk in. What brings it all back into focus is the pressure to deliver and I hope we can come together as a society and deliver a fantastic term.”

How did you feel about your campaign being allowed back in?

“Very grateful, it was a scary couple of days as I knew the situation was fraught and tensions were running high. My main worry was that there wouldn’t be a constructive debate about the direction of the Union and what we want to achieve as a society, I’m glad that my readmission allowed this to happen at the husts and throughout the campaign.”

What are the first steps that you will be taking in the role?

“I am currently preparing constitutional amendments and project proposals to deliver on my manifesto commitments. Things like a staggered payment scheme for students on the Durham grant in order to improve access and a dedicated Outreach officer post to engage with the community around us both on the University level and within the City of Durham.”

“I am also inviting speakers and planning debates, the motions box is still open for suggestions and we have already had some exciting acceptances- big things are on the way!”

Photograph: Wikimedia Creative Commons 

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