Durham Students’ Union to be restructured in “fresh new approach”


The Durham Students’ Union (Durham SU) is to undergo “major restructuring” in a bid to progress the Durham SU as a “student-led and student focused organisation,” it said in a statement on Thursday.

The Durham SU said that its “pioneering new structure” will allow the organisation to gain a “better understanding of the needs and wants of Durham University students” so it can effectively represent them.

As part of its “fresh new approach,” the Durham SU will give students “the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the world and develop skills and experiences that will becomes invaluable to success in their future career.”

Chief Executive of the Durham SU, Paddy Reilly, said as part of the statement: “The previous structure replicated that of a ‘traditional’ students’ union model. It was extremely useful in moving us forwards as an organisation, and achieving the objectives of our last strategy.

“However, as we look forwards to a new strategy, it is timely to implement a new and relevant staffing structure.”

As part of the organisation’s restructuring, all affected staff members were “invited to apply for new positions and a number of these [staff members] have now commenced [in] the roles.”

The Durham SU said some existing staff members continue to work in their existing roles, “which became part of the new structure. Recruitment for the remaining vacant positions is now on-going.”

Durham SU President, Millie Tanner, said: “The structure and new strategy will be very beneficial for students. It has been designed to create a culture of students developing their own skills, taking ownership of tasks and having the opportunity to get involved with Union projects.

“This offers a fantastic opportunity for students to gain real experiences that will benefit their future career.”

Photograph: Durham Students’ Union

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