Durham debates: Wikileaks, Iran and the US State Department

Palatinate was first made aware of the leaked cable on Friday 4th February, when an anonymous reader e-mailed us regarding the Telegraph’s latest Wikileaks coverage.

Reading through the document for the first time was a strange experience – it’s not often that you see Durham University and the US State Department mentioned in the same sentence.

Still unsure of what we were dealing with, we got to work. The first port of call was the Telegraph: why has the cable been taken down from your website? Will you be reporting on our University’s ties with Iran?

Drawing a blank at the Telegraph news desk, we realised that we would be on our own in working out what exactly the cable said and why it was important.

We spent the weekend reading and re-reading the cable to make sense of the figures and relate it to what we already understood about the University’s links with Iran. By Tuesday 8th February we felt comfortable that we had spoken to enough people to know that our reporting would be fair and balanced; alerting readers to the facts and withholding our own suspicions.

It is almost a week since we first published our findings. In that time, the story managed to crash this website after receiving national media attention and being featured on the front page of Reddit.com.

Now, we’re turning the story over to you. In the spirit of free information, we have  published the leaked cable.

With just under a week until the next issue of Palatinate goes to print, we are enlisting the support of our readers in exploring Durham University’s links with Iran and the US State Department. We want our coverage to reflect the sensitive and mature debate that has been unfolding on the original article, Twitter and in real life too.

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