College Varsity: Queen’s Campus side thrash Halifax in mixed volleyball



College Varsity Volleyball

Queens Campus took on Halifax in a terrific exhibition of volleyball as the afternoon’s events got into full swing.

Queens were in control from the outset, taking advantage of some slack positional play from their York opponents to claim a first set littered with both the sublime and the ridiculous. The second point of the match saw a Halifax player catch the ball, having mistaken the referee’s whistle for that of the official in charge of the basketball match between St Chad’s and Derwent on the other side of the sports hall. Yet, at the same time, the decent sized crowd was treated to some superb net play from both sides. Durham’s greater consistency was a factor in all three sets and was key in securing a 25-13 first set triumph.

The second set took a similar form. Queens kept the ball alive superbly in the knowledge that their opponents appeared prone to the occasional sloppy error. They were vindicated as Halifax became lazy in their court judgement, with plenty of shots landing just inside the back of the court. Although some sensational rallies ensued, Queens took the set 25-12.

Indeed, with the match running away from Halifax, Queens seemed intent on compounding the misery of their York opponent. The Durham side dominated the set, taking it 25-10 to secure five valuable points for Durham.

Photograph: Rob Law

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