Palatinate offers a different way into sport


Durham’s Independent Student Newspaper has been running since 1948 – written by the students, for the students.

With the University now recognised as the United Kingdom’s Sport University of the Year by The Times, there can be no better time to get involved with Palatinate Sport.

With complete editorial independence, Palatinate offers you – the students – the opportunity to write in a publication read by 4,000 fellow students. We are not selective with our writers.

This is your chance to write about sport and contribute to a nationally recognised student newspaper, committed to consistently hitting professional standards.

While we would love our writers to contribute frequently to both the newspaper and the website, we know that this is not always feasible – especially as essays, dissertations and examinations creep upon us. We ask for whatever you can and want to give.

If you are passionate about sport and have a thirst for writing, get in touch. If, simply, you have played in a college match and want to write a match report, get in touch.

Whether your sport is football or netball, ultimate frisbee or darts; we want to hear from you. Over the course of the year, there will be a plethora of stories to cover – not only focused here in Durham, but nationwide and internationally too.

As well as here in the fortnightly print edition, your work may be featured on the Palatinate website.

This is the students’ newspaper. It is open to all of you – regardless of your age or degree. If sport is what you love, then this is most definitely for you.


If you are interested in writing for Palatinate Sport, please email for more details.

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