Bill Bryson Library changes space booking release times


The University library has announced that it will bring forward the time at which students can register for slots on the next day to 6:30pm. The policy came into effect on 11th February.

In an email to students, the library stated that “we are changing the time at which bookings are released for our study spaces and Browse and Borrow service on the student bookings system”. The decision to change the system came after “ongoing review of our services and feedback from our users”.

The new policy would “support student wellbeing”, as the previous system, which opened registration at midnight, led to students staying up to secure high-priority slots.

The booking system has been in place since September last year, when the influx of students at the beginning of term let to demands for more study spaces.

Rules concerning social distancing, mask-wearing and overstaying booked slots have not been changed.

Image: Durham University

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