Voting for 2021 SU elections opens


Voting for next year’s SU officers, trustees and NUS delegates has now opened. All Durham students are eligible to vote via the SU website here.

This year sees the most contested SU Presidency since 2017, with four candidates running for the position: Seun Twins, James Burton, Joe Simmons, and Aditya Lathar. For a full breakdown of their manifestos, pledges and campaigns, take a look at our interviews with them.

Re-Open Nominations (RON) will be an option in every election.

The Postgraduate Academic and Oppourtunities officerships have one candidate each running uncontested, with the Welfare and Liberation and Undergraduate Academic roles featuring two candidates each.

These elections will also appoint four trustees, which are also hotly contested, with eight registered candidates.

The elections close at 5pm on 25 February, this Thursday.


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