Labour leadership visits Durham ahead of local elections


Sir Keir Starmer campaigned in County Durham this week, accompanied by Angela Rayner and Simon Henig, Labour leader for Durham County Council.

In a tweet from Milburngate construction site, Starmer voiced his support for the Labour-led Council, which has been in the party’s control since 2010. The visit is part of a wider visit to the North-East in the hopes of maintaining support there, with the party leadership also campaigning in Hartlepool.

“With the beautiful Cathedral and hills of County Durham in the background, today I saw the Milburngate development.”

-Keir Starmer

Sir Keir promoted Durham as an example of “the difference Labour makes in power”, and marked it as a herald of Labour’s plan for a greener energy sector: “Our focus is on jobs, jobs, jobs and that is why we put out an ambitious plan across the country for 400,000 jobs in low carbon and non-carbon environments, with an absolute emphasis on climate and sustainability.”

Angela Rayner also commented on Durham’s role in green energy, stating that “You can see the fantastic contribution this will make across County Durham and also the ambitious plans for the rest of the North that Labour has got about good, sustainable jobs, but also about climate change and about how we can look after the future of our environment.”

The Labour leadership have been visiting several areas across the country ahead of next Thursday’s local elections, where they will be defending several Labour-majority councils in the North.

The visit comes after other high-profile visits to Durham, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who visited the North-East in one of their first royal engagements this year last Wednesday.

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