What makes a great cup of tea?


After a video of an American mother and daughter making a mug of ‘British hot tea’ went viral and caused outrage among Brits, Features asked someone to tell us what makes the perfect brew.

Many may disagree with me, but I feel that the primary, most influential factor in determining one’s success in their tea making is the mug. Not just any old mug. It has to have a firm handle, easy to hold no matter the angle one places their hand in. Sturdy, firm, enough for a sizeable amount of water and milk. With a good mug anything is possible. 

You know it, it is dunking time

Making a cup of tea is like painting a picture. You could have the most expensive canvas, Egyptian fine-haired paint brushes, and vibrant paints, but the outcome could look like a 5-year old attempting a Jackson Pollock piece. It is the same with the art of tea making. You do not need Whittards tea bags or sugar from Selfridges. If it is made with skill, love, and care, that is what you taste.

It is a simple procedure. Boil that kettle, enough for 3 mugs (if you do not ask your family if they also want a cup of tea, you obviously were not raised right). Chuck the tea bag into your mug. Water, then milk, then sugar. That is the order. If you disagree then I think you do not deserve to be making a cup of tea. Get that teaspoon, stir, then press the tea bag into the side of the mug to truly get your pennies worth.

With a good mug anything is possible 

Now, onto the accomplice. The side-kick. The best man. You know it, it is dunking time. As someone with a sweet tooth, any form of biscuit is brilliant to me. Bourbon? Why not! Rich tea? Bit soggy but certainly delightful. Hobnob? Go on then. Personally, I am partial to a classic Digestive biscuit – but it has to be the chocolate one. The melted, oozy chocolate from the heat of the tea is a sensation arguably better than getting a first. 

Carry your mug into the living room, find the comfiest spot on the sofa, and put your feet up. Enjoy that cuppa, you deserve it.

image: BenjaminNelan via Pixabay

One thought on “What makes a great cup of tea?

  • What a load of rubbish from a complete amateur. Hot water into the cup first, then lower the tea bag in on a teaspoon and dunk it to your required strength. Do not squeeze the tea bag as that merely adds bitterness to the taste. Add milk and sugar if required, dunk your biscuits, then voila; a fine cup of ‘British’ tea. Enjoy!


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