University reveals faculty spending figures


Durham University has revealed the difference in spending across its three different faculties over the past three academic years.

The figures highlight a particularly big distinction in spending between the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and the Faculty of Sciences.

The University disclosed that, in the 2012/13 academic year, the Science faculty reached a total spend of £58.6 million. This figure increased to £60.7 million in the following year, but proceeded to drop slightly in 2014/15 to £60.4 million.

The total expenditure for the Social Sciences and Health faculty reached a similarly high figure, increasing from £63.3 million during 2012/13 to £66.3 million, but climbing to an impressive £68.5 million in the last academic year.

However, the overall amount spent on Arts and Humanities was significantly low in comparison, with the high sums dedicated to the Science courses.

In the 2012/13 academic year, the University only spent £18.7 million across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities—a figure which only increased to £20.6 million in the following year.

Whilst the Science and Social Sciences and Health faculties both spent over £60 million in the year of 2014/15, the Arts and Humanities faculty saw only £22.4 million spent across its departments last year.

Professor Tom Ward, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Education), explained the discrepancy between the figures.

He stated that “the actual cost of teaching different courses varies, and in particular courses which require laboratory teaching and specialist equipment may be more expensive to run than those which require extensive reading and seminar discussion.

“The student tuition fee also helps to fund facilities that enhance the wider student experience such as the library and sport, drama, music, and volunteering activities.

“Much of our institutional reputation comes from the benefits to students of studying in a multidisciplinary academic community based on our full spread of subject offering,” Professor Ward said.


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