Staff reductions planned as University launches Voluntary Severance Scheme


From Monday 10th April, Durham University will offer a voluntary severance package to University staff.

In an email to all students, Professor Stuart Corbridge, Vice-Chancellor, outlined plans to introduce the voluntary severance scheme, which is to be launched as part of a plan to reduce operating costs by £15 million over the next three years.

The University commented that, as part of implementing its new ten year strategy, “the University intends to transform ways of working to provide better services for students, staff and partners.

“To ensure continued financial sustainability and strategic investment, operating costs will be reduced by £15m over three years. The savings will be managed in a planned and controlled way. As part of this approach, from Monday 10th April, the University is offering a voluntary severance package to staff.”

Professor Corbridge added: “This is a time of positive change and opportunity for Durham University, its staff and its students, as we implement our ambitious new ten year strategy to ensure our continued position as a world-leading university.

“By transforming our approach to how we work we will provide better services for our students, staff and partners. We will ensure our continued financial sustainability by reducing our operating costs.

“We are implementing our strategy in a planned and controlled way, and our voluntary severance scheme forms part of this considered approach.”

Photograph: Durham University

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