Defeat for Durham on University Challenge


Durham University narrowly lost the fight for a place in the second round of University Challenge to the University of Edinburgh.

After a close match, which saw Durham take the lead several times, the University team lost with a final score of 155 to Edinburgh’s 190.

The Durham University team was made up of Thomas Brophy studying Mathematics, Owen Stenner-Matthews,  studying for a master’s degree in Defence, Development and Diplomacy, Team Captain Cressida O’Connor  studying Law, and finally Nat Guillou, studying for a master’s degree in Arab World Studies.

The team was selected by a series of try-outs organised by the Durham Students’ Union after each college common room entered a team.

The Durham team took an early lead after O’Connor earned the first points of the match.

O’Connor also closed the gap between the teams with five minutes left of the challenge, taking the scores to 140 points each. However, the Edinburgh team broke away and finally beat Durham by 190 points to 155.

The show’s presenter, told the Durham team: “You were on strong form, it was a great game and I would bet that 155 actually is probably high enough to come back as a high scoring losing team”.

He continued to add: “As we all know, teams that have come back like that have gone on to win the whole series.”

As Paxman commented at the start of the programme, Durham University have twice been made series champion in the competition.

The show aired on BBC2 at 20:00.

Photograph: Tom Page

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