Trevelyan freshers run corridor isolation marathon for charity


Thirteen freshers from Trevelyan College have run and walked a relay marathon along their isolated corridor to help raise money for Help Musicians UK.

The students had known each other for just two weeks when their household was locked down after two of them contracted coronavirus. They were assigned to live together based on a mutual love of music. 

The corridor is 15 metres long and, between them, they crossed it 2813 times to complete the length of a standard marathon. Each of the 13 freshers completed 109 ‘laps’ of the corridor, with the marathon being completed in about six hours.

One of the students, Constance, who is in her first year studying Music at the University, stated “As I’ve got to know my wonderful housemates everyone’s musical talents have been revealed. It just confirms that no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, music is essential.”

“It just confirms that no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, music is essential.”

Constance froment

“It’s scary looking at the current state of the industry because although musicians and creatives are some of the most driven, dedicated and passionate humans, most of the industry isn’t being given the recognition or financial support it merits.”

The students have already surpassed their initial target of £750, and their marathon has been featured on BBC News.

Their chosen charity, Help Musicians UK, is passionate about enabling musicians, in all genres, from those starting out to professional and retired musicians, so they can continue to give back to society. Working in the UK, they offer creative development funding and health and welfare services, such as a mental health helpline and hearing health scheme.

Image: Constance Froment

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