Ten essential capsule wardrobe pieces


In the era of sustainable fashion, the ‘capsule wardrobe’ has surged in popularity. The idea behind the capsule wardrobe is owning a set number of clothes, usually, basic staples that can be easily mixed and matched to create chic outfits, making day to day styling easier, decreasing overconsumption, and saving the individual money over time. Capsule wardrobes in particular are known for fitting the minimalist yet timelessly chic Parisian and Copenhagener aesthetics because of their absence of fast fashion trend pieces that go out of fashion as quick as they enter it. Interested in starting your own capsule wardrobe? Here are ten essential items to get started with. 

Capsule wardrobes in particular are known for fittign the minimalist yet timlessly chic Parisian and Copenhagener aesthetics

1). The blazer:

Perhaps one of the most worn items of 2021, the blazer is an essential for a capsule wardrobe. A simple way to formalise any outfit or transition from day to nightwear. 

2). Blue wide-leg jeans:

With the departure of the skinny jeans from the Gen Z aesthetic, a more relaxed fit entered the field, the straight and wide-leg blue jeans. An evolution of the mom jeans, one could say. Essential for the capsule wardrobe due to their versatility, comfort and flattering fit. Easy to dress up with a blazer, trench coat or evening top yet, just as easy to dress down. 

3). Black and white crop tops and turtlenecks: 

Can you ever go wrong with a crop top or turtleneck? I’ve placed both these items here due to the ever-changeable British weather. Crop tops for those few glorious sunny days a year we enjoy and, the turtleneck for the more typically British weather. Both these items are perfect for layering or accessorising with jewellery and make the base of many outfits, ideal for a casual wardrobe. 

4). Gold/silver jewellery

Depending on your skin tone silver or gold jewellery is a must in adding an extra oof to any outfit or transitioning looks from day to night. The general rule is silver for cooler-toned skin, gold for warmer, and if you’re in the middle either! However, sticking to one colour will make for less consumption and easier styling. 

5). Black boots:

Another item most of us probably already own – the boot. Effortlessly chic and highly appropriate for the British weather with endless silhouettes to choose from such as the knee-high, the cowboy and the ankle boot. Keeping your feet dry and adding an extra edge to any outfit. 

Effortlessly chic and highly appropriate for the British weather with endless silhouettes to choose from

6.) A leather jacket:

In a similar vein to the boots, a staple many will already own, the leather jacket. Simple in its sharp silhouette which adds an extra dimension to outfits. 

7). A trench coat/long jacket

An item those following the Parisian aesthetic adore; popular for its timeless chic look while also being perfect for layering and as such, the British capsule wardrobe. 

8). A plain black skirt:

Another staple most of us likely own. Included on this list due to its simplicity and ease in styling, which can be paired with any shirt to create a wide variety of looks. 

9.) A white button-up:

Looking to formalise a look? A white button-up is ideal. Perfect for formal occasions while also being easy to style more casually with items such as the blue jean, making it highly versatile. 

10.) A little black dress:

Finally, what is more classic than the LBD? Easy to take from day to night and style to varying levels of formality when combined with jewellery and jackets which, makes it an essential staple for the capsule wardrobe.

Image: congerdesign via Pixabay

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