Students hitchhike to Israel for charity challenge

By Blundell 

DUCK’S 2018 Jailbreak challenge has raised over £3,370.51 for charity, with the winning team ‘We Fried Our Best’ reaching Tel Aviv in Israel.

Jailbreak is an annual fundraising event run by Durham’s charity organisation DUCK, in which participants are challenged with getting as far away from Durham as possible within 36 hours without spending any money.

45 participants raised over £3,300 for Amnesty International.

This year 45 participants took part and the proceeds from the event are going towards Amnesty International.

The winning team, comprised of Durham students Gabriella Richardson, Jack Edwards and Patrick Digby, headed to Newcastle airport. From there they found someone willing to sponsor their endeavours, paying for them to fly to Cyprus, where they would then get a connecting flight to Israel.

The victorious Gabriella Richardson told Palatinate: “It ended up being a very rogue weekend with an impromptu trip to Tel Aviv! It was so lovely to be able to raise awareness and money for such a great charity.”

The runners-up this year managed to hitch-hike all the way to Casablanca. Team members Jonny, Elsa, Ellie and Orlaith managed to catch a lift with a Moroccan drug dealer, received an 80-euro donation from a group of 28 Irish firefighters in Estapona and experienced extreme travel sickness on a long ferry journey.

Whilst some competitors only made it to the outskirts of Durham, others made it to Alicante, France and the southern coast of Britain.

Flavia Ganzer, DUCK Challenges Officer, told Palatinate: “I’m so proud of all the teams this year, everyone raised an incredible amount of money and surpassed all of our expectations.

“The winners got so far and have come back with an amazing story to tell. The runners-up managed to make it all the way to Casablanca, including a lift with a Moroccan drug-dealer.”

“I hope that they remember the experience forever and that Amnesty International will make a change with what we scrapped up for them! Can’t wait for the years of Jailbreak to come.”

Yasmin Ahmed, DUCK Publicity Officer said: “This was all for a truly worthwhile cause; our fellow Durham students were not just escaping to run away from the impending summative deadlines, but were doing it in aid of Amnesty International.

“This grassroots human rights charity helps to protect people who have been denied justice, freedom and dignity. They work to educate the public, expose abuses and create a safer, fairer world.

“We would like to thank all our participants and those who supported them on their Jailbreak journey and hope that next year, even more people can get involved with this truly unique event.”

In 2010, Durham students reached as far as Australia in the DUCK Jailbreak challenge.

“I’m so proud of all the teams this year, everyone raised an incredible amount of money and surpassed all of our expectations.”

Photograph by Hugo Millard.

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