Student rescued from River Wear to attend “diversionary course”


A student is set to meet the police officers and members of the Fire and Rescue Service who came to his aid after he fell into the River Wear on January 30th.

The student fell into the River Wear near Durham Amateur Rowing Club at 1:45am, and was rescued when a member of the rowing club contacted the Police after seeing him in the water.

The student was treated for hypothermia at the University Hospital of North Durham, but is understood to have made a full recovery.

A statement from Durham Constabulary said:

“The student has agreed to take part in a restorative approach resolution, which means he will meet his rescuers to discuss the incident and its impact on both sides.

“He has also been issued a fixed penalty notice for begin drunk and incapable and referred to a diversionary scheme to learn about the effects of alcohol.”

A spokesperson for the Constabulary added:

“Following the incident we have reviewed the circumstances and hope that by giving the man the opportunity to discuss the incident with his rescuers and attend a diversionary course he will receive the support he needs and will have no further issues”.

Photograph: Oliver Mawhinney

2 thoughts on “Student rescued from River Wear to attend “diversionary course”

  • What a waste of time, I’m fairly sure falling in a river and almost drowning will teach you more about being sensible with alcohol than being sat down and talked at like a toddler….


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