Student refuses to leave house after being terrified by bellowing Billy B announcement


A trip to Billy B is not complete without leaving shaken from the announcements ordering you to leave, or worse, the mid study session screech to put your mask over your nose … somehow they notice you, even in the depths of level 4.

One student has been especially scarred from the trauma that prevails with every visit to the library, reporting to Palatinate how he is now too terrified to even leave his home after being scared senseless by the booming announcements: “I had managed to do a solid 30 minutes of work during my four hour slot when suddenly, a screech so loud it blew my mask off, ordered everyone to leave!”

“At first I thought, surely not, I had another 15 minutes left to sit and scroll through Durfess, but the speaker continued to blare orders at everyone.”

Another student, despite being in an entirely separate building, has reported similar scenes: “I heard the blares from the TLC, the shock made me spill my Starbucks on my favourite college stash.”

“It felt like an air raid siren.”

Asking how the student is coping now, we eventually convinced them to open their living room window to comment: “My ears haven’t stopped ringing since, I haven’t even managed to leave my house to grab a meal deal from Tesco because I’m terrified that I will hear the announcements from in there.”

“My last is just to say there is a seat on level 3 that may have taken the brunt of my initial terror at the announcement, but it’s only a small stain…”

Have you been traumatised by the bellows that now fill the Billy B? We hear you, and the announcements, let us know your stories of terror and we may start a support group.


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