Street Style – Winter Warmers

took to the streets of Durham to find the coats that are winning winter 2015.

Street Style Image 2

Name: Kate Peck.

Your Durham statistics: Cuth’s, 2nd year.

Where did you find your leopard print jacket? It’s from Shrimps.

Three words to describe your style? I have two – think pink!

Favourite club in Durham? Loveshack, obvs!

Street Style Image 1

Name: Emily Marsden.

Your Durham statistics: Hild Bede, 2nd year.

Where is your cardigan from? I found it for £10 on eBay!

Three words to describe your style? Random, colourful, eBay.

Favourite club in Durham? Klute.

Street Style Image 3

Name: Wan Hee Kim

Your Durham statistics: Grey, 4th year.

Where did you get your jacket? From a charity shop on North Road.

Three words to describe your style? Alluring, distracting, sensitive.

Favourite club in Durham? Loft.

Street Style Image 4

Name: Daisy Blaksley.

Your Durham statistics: Castle, 2nd year.

Where is your coat from? It’s from a vintage shop in Edinburgh.

Three words to describe your style? Vintage, bold, bright.

Favourite club in Durham? Fishtank.

Photography: Alexander Gottlieb

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