My Vegetable Love

By veg_0004_Layer-6

My vegetable love should grow
Vaster than empires, and more slow

– ‘To His Coy Mistress’, Andrew Marvell


When he wrote ‘my vegetable love’

I bet he envisioned his prize marrow,

putting it in her lap

and watching it grow,

like the giant turnip in the tale,veg_0001_Layer-3

the bigger it gets, the more it’s portioned,

but what’s the point of big

if a lady has to share?

I know you’d rather a little turnip

than a nip of someone else’s care.


The vegetable love can sow

many a field.

It can growveg_0000_Layer-2

into multitudinous beauties.

Empires can bow

to a patchwork love.

But my agricultural heart

has but one seed

and but one need

I endeavour to feed,

and I’m not in love with a cabbage.


Today someone called you a vegetable, my love.

He lies in vegetation somewhere,veg_0003_Layer-5

eyes blooming a rich aubergine.

I thought, vegetable love, vegetable love,

save me from this anecdotal wanderlust.

Dearest Catatonia, say but a word

and all the vegetables you want I’ll grow.

Rise, say but ‘marrow’

and marry, I will.


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