Scattered Hearts


My heart belongs to not just one


the girl who smiled at the bus driver at the bus stop

your smile stays with me wherever I travel


the boy at Klute dancing

out of time with the music

ignoring its drums because you have

your own rhythm that never 

leaves me alone


I fall in love constantly 


I wish I could have held the hand 

of the person in the castle and tell

them how their red hair 

lights the fire in my eyes 


I was infatuated by the laughter 

shared between two friends and

stopped running to listen 

to their harmony that replays in my head


time has passed but I do not forget them


The boy next door

who feeds the birds

your gentleness 

embraces me every morning


The girl paddling along the river 

with no way of knowing 

the glow of your skin

in the sun

is the light on my dark days


you have stolen pieces 

of my heart 



if only I could see

how my heart has scattered

across the world.

Illustration: Alex Rigotti

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