For English Forests


Come, leave with me, 

Away from the pavement’s scrutiny,

To fields, flowers and English forests,

Let us be nature’s humble guests. 


We shall perch upon the trees,

Humming with the bumbling bees,

Climb higher until we touch the twigs

Dangling the smallest sprigs. 


We shall make chains of daisies, 

Gift each other pretty posies,

A dress of dandelions, and a shawl

Embroidered with the leaves that fall.


Watch the trees wave away the sun

Once the golden day is done,

Nature lulls itself to sleep,

Silence. Not a peep.


Stars sprinkled over Stygian sky,

A cloudless night in late July:

If these pleasures beckon you my dear,

Run away to the woods here.


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