Don’t get spiked


Students – tell your friends of the new advice we are sharing, #Don’tGetSpiked. I hope it is made clear to all of our students, and to all staff, that we are doing the bare minimum to protect you. Bare minimum. No more. When a woman is spiked inside our city’s clubs do not expect sympathy. We shall create a hashtag that blames the victim and will carry on as usual. 

Our hashtag declares that you should be doing more to prevent spiking – have you tried keeping your eyes on your drink at all times? It is too much to ask of us to provide adequate reporting services to help prosecute the criminal? It’s not our problem. We want our issues kept hidden; we can’t damage our reputation. Your lack of prevention will lead us to ruin.

You’re worried about your safety? You don’t want to be injected by a random stranger with an unknown substance? No? Then we will tell you not to. We tell you, students, that you can prevent this from happening to your friends. The blame will be set on you for letting him accept a drink from a stranger. You will be shamed by our institution for letting this happen. On the off chance, you disagree with our insensitive campaign then we will simply delete it, sweep it under the rug. Who said that? We didn’t. 

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