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In an age where money all too often trumps music, finding a young group who put out a record purely for the excitement of it all, and allow a ‘name-your-price’ download, is pretty rare. But Ornament Tournaments aren’t a band to follow the traditional path of things.

The three childhood friends managed to put out last year’s Tacheles despite the hundreds of miles separating them due to university and travels. This brilliant seven-track EP encapsulates the live energy that the band provide at all-too infrequent gigs that they’re able to play. With influences coming from as far and wide as Minus the Bear, Reuben, and Bloc Party, the trio provide a unique fusion of multi-layered vocals, jangly guitars, and alt-rock drops.

Their most recent activity – a midnight woodland recording session in the dead of night this January – show the powerful creative potential in this band who, if life and university stop getting in the way for long enough for a decent string of tour dates, promise great things. Watch this space.

Recommended track: ‘Flower’

2 thoughts on “Radar: Ornament Tournaments

  • Their most recent activity – a Woodland recording session at the end of this January night – showcases the band’s powerful creativity, if left unchecked for a long time in terms of life and university tour dates. So he promises great things. that’s all great, your new creative idea of ornament tournament and music on your radar. I saw the whole video which you post. I really inspired by your music.


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