Radar: Lonsdale Boys Club


A catchy fusion of rock, pop and disco funk, it’s hard not to submit to the irresistible pull of the groove of the Lonsdale Boys Club.

Their sound sweeps you up with its driving beats, shifting from cheerful melodies such as in ‘Light Me Up‘ to the more intense drama of the likes of ‘Sista Shake’, each listen more enticing than the last.

Having built their own studio in London and named the band after the road it stands on, they are in the process of finishing their debut album which is set for release this year. The first single will be  ‘Light Me Up’ which oozes with a relaxed kind of elation.

Lonsdale Boys Club wants their sound to bridge a gap between guitar music (their self-confessed passion) and electronic music, but “without just being an indie electronic crossover”. Whether they achieve this exact objective is open to debate, but who cares either way when you just can’t stop listening?

Lonsdale Boys Club – Light Me Up (preview) by Lonsdale Boys Club

Recommended track: ‘Light Me Up’

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