Not a pair of flares in sight: Durham’s style

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Durham fashion is certainly known for a lot of things: a good North Face puffer, some worn out Air Forces, a pair of flares, and perhaps at times a lack of originality. While we may not agree that this is always the case, it may be simpler to look to Durham students themselves for some good old market research.

If nothing else, we’ve found that at least Durham is (rather surprisingly) sustainable. We talked to five students walking around town to give us a run-down of their outfits.

Ed, a 3rd year at South, is wearing Leather faux jacket (Charity shop in Romsey, £10); Sweater (Fatface, £20); Trousers (Borrowed from his partner, George); High-top burgundy Converse (Online, £60); Busboy hat (Vintage shop in York, £15); Duffel (Borrowed from his father) – “Having high-tops are useful because most trousers are slightly too short on me.”

Emi, a 3rd year at St Mary’s, is wearing Leather jacket (Depop, £25); Grey knitted top (Local shop in Tokyo, £5); White shirt (Thrifted Massimo Dutti, £5); Trousers (Zara, £38); Puma x Fenty Creepers (Depop, £20); Denim bag with Japanese illustrations (Local shop in Kyoto) — “I take a lot after Japanese streetwear when I can, and try to incorporate it into my style.”

Madeline, a 2nd year at Hild Bede, is wearing Coat (eBay, £4); Sweater (Borrowed from her mother); Jeans (Borrowed from her housemate); Red suede sneakers (Second-hand Air Forces); Scarf (Borrowed from her father) — “Eight years ago I made a pledge with my mum to stop buying new clothes, and that includes shoes.”

Monty, a 2nd year at St Cuth’s, is wearing Green jacket (Borrowed from his cousin); Jumper (Charity shop, £15); Tshirt (ASOS, £20); Trousers (Scope, £11); White sneakers (Reebok, £40); Striped scarf (Borrowed from his cousin) — “I just wear whatever’s clean.”

Anjali, a 3rd year at South, is wearing Racer vest (Kilo sale); White bandeau top (Stradivarius, £7); Second-hand Ellesse trackies (Vintage shop in Newcastle, £29); Vintage Guess tote bag (Vintage shop, £25); Second-hand Jordan 1s (Depop, £250); Biker sunglasses (TK Maxx, £25) — “Incorporating a statement top into an otherwise casual outfit helps me stay comfortable while elevating the fit.”

Image credit: Agnes Shu

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