New Student Employability Fund available for disadvantaged

By Melissa Tutesigensi

Deputy News Editor

The new Student Employability Fund is available for students and graduates from families whose household income is less than £25,000 per annum.

The motivation behind the fund is to help students compete in an “an increasingly competitive labour market”.

The contribution of the fund includes the cost of travel, subsistence and suitable work clothing.

A separate application for clothing (up to a maximum of £150) and up to three applications for subsistence (daily allowance of £20) and travel (one return journey up to a maximum allowance of £150, a weekly travel pass up to a maximum of £25 or monthly travel pass up to a maximum of £100) can be made each year.

The online form is available on the University website along with details of how to get in contact to find out more information.

Durham Students’ Union Opportunities Officer, Charlie Walker, said: “Every student in Durham should be able to access the wider opportunities available to them while studying here.”

“There are many extra costs that come up for students in Durham, whether that’s the cost of a train ticket to recruitment events or pricey extracurricular activities.”

He continued: “It’s so important that all students have access to the opportunities that will shape their future, and so I’m really pleased to see the new student Employability Fund addressing this issue and know the difference it will make to so many students when planning their progression from Durham.”

“The fund is a really positive step and the kind of thing I hope we can begin to see more of in Durham.”

Photograph: Durham University

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