New mental health module available on DUO


Students can now access a module on DUO designed to help students “support both themselves and others” in dealing with mental health problems they may encounter whilst studying.

The course is now available to all students and consists of an in-depth guide to the mental health challenges each type of student at Durham may face. In total, the module takes around 30-45 minutes to complete.

One of the first sections gives a detailed account of how to recognise when a friend may be struggling, including when people may change their eating habits, post worrying things on social media and when they begin to have worrying injuries that may be self-inflicted.

You can take a test recognising if someone is in crisis or distressed

As well as making students aware of the different issues they may encounter, there is also a section entitled “responding to someone in distress or crisis” where you can complete a test recognising if someone is in crisis or distressed.

The course also focuses on self-care, in a section entitled “identifying distress in oneself”, where there is information on how to realise when your mental health may show signs of deterioration.

Mental health problems amongst students have skyrocketed in recent years, with there now being a student suicide in the UK on average every four days.

There is now a student suicide in the UK on average every four days

This module comes at a time where the debate on student mental health is more relevant than ever. It follows an academic year in which 1 in 11 students received a University mental health session, and 94% of Durham freshers declared mental illness before coming to university. Universities across the country have attempted to tackle increases in the use of mental health services by students. The number of students declaring mental health issues has doubled in the last five years, according to figures from The Telegraph.

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