Do your duty: get a vaccine

By Joshua Hurn

The this week of three simultaneous coronavirus vaccines provide a glimmer of hope that we may begin the process of getting back to normal life. Welcomed from all corners of the globe, it means we can, in theory, be free by Easter. A vaccine is now widely regarded as the only route we have out of this disastrous pandemic. And I, hopefully amongst at least 90% of the sane adult population, will not hesitate to become a part of the solution and take this vaccine as soon as it is offered to me.

It is baffling to think there are even people who would not even remotely consider receiving it. I was shocked to read in August that just 53% of Britons surveyed by Ipsos Mori would get a vaccine, with one in six not being willing to receive it in any circumstance. Not surprisingly, a higher likelihood of refusing a coronavirus vaccine also corresponds with beliefs along the lines of wearing face masks is damaging our health. 

I cannot believe that 47% of Britons are seriously not willing to take the only option available to us to end this nightmare. What is a better option? Never-ending lockdowns, deaths, and economic decimation? This dangerous anti-vax nonsense has been allowed to run rampant in our society, fuelled by baseless claims on social media which were initially believed to be followed by only a small, dim section of the population.

This dangerous anti-vax nonsense is fuelled by baseless claims on social media followed by only a small, dim section of the population.

All safety measures have been ruthless and rigid when making these vaccines. There will not be any long-term effects, you will not die, and you will not develop any severe long-term illness.  The only thing that is certain in this situation is that if not enough of the adult population start listening to facts over conspiracy, this pandemic will never end.

55,000 people in our country have been wiped out in under nine months by this virus. 1.4 million in the world. How can people look at these statics and still not want to get a vaccine? There is no logical explanation behind such a decision.

This should have been the to vindicate the sacrifices we have made the past months to keep our families safe. However, it appears now a blend of selfishness, false news, and ignorance of science and facts have the potential to scupper the opportunity for freedom for the rest of us.

Do your duty and get a vaccine.

Photograph: Daniel Schludi via UnSplash

2 thoughts on “Do your duty: get a vaccine

  • No wonder you can’t believe the poll. Frankly, you won’t even understand it until you can distinguish between full-blown anti-vax conspiracy nuts, and people with genuine concerns who are saying “Hang on a sec, how can we know there are no long term effects of no long term trials have been conducted?”


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