GoT: Series Six, Episode Four


The end of episode three saw Jon Snow dramatically striding out of Castle Black. At the start of this episode, he decided to stick around for a heart-warming reunion with Sansa, his estranged sister.  Viewers haven’t seen any of the Stark siblings occupying the same screen space since the first series, so this was pretty monumental.  The nostalgic conversation about their childhood in Winterfell was darkened by a letter from the mad dog himself, Ramsay Bolton, demanding Sansa’s return. He either needs to take a chill pill or a sword to the heart. Not only has he killed Osha the wildling and imprisoned Rickon, but he also threatened to scoop Jon’s eyes out with a spoon.


Suddenly, we’ve got a character more detestable than the King’s Landing crew.  But the Stark siblings are not going to go down without a fight – or, at least, Sansa isn’t.  Jon appears to have been resurrected without his Night Brother bravery; he was less than keen to take back Winterfell.  Yet, it’s inevitable that this series can’t end without a Bolton versus wilding battle, headed up by Jon and Sansa.  Someone will die.  Someone always dies…

The High Sparrow spun yet another philosophising yarn, this time to poor Margaery, who probably wanted shampoo instead of an anecdote about a Bullingdon Club style mass orgy.  Once again, it was awkward, like listening to your grandad talk about losing his virginity.  Tyrion was using his smarts to sort out Daenerys’ mess in Meereen, because the slave masters are not too happy about the Breaker of Chain’s chain breaking.  And Tyrion should start trade marking his quips as Missandei repeated one of his best: ‘we make peace with our enemies, not our friends.’

This episode provided us with another killer cliff hanger from the Mother of Dragon’s herself.  They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but this is the second time Daenerys has stepped out of flames stark naked.  Daenerys burning down the Dothraki’s sacred meeting place was a giant middle finger directed towards the obnoxious Khals so now she’s free to wreak havoc on the Game of Thrones universe. Let’s hope she makes a habit of this pyromania, and that the next time she is surrounded by fire she’s got the dragons at her heels and it is King’s Landing that is burning to ashes.  Once again, await the next episode, for more fights, fire, and ‘thrones.

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