University backtracks on society branding proposals


Student groups which operate under Durham Students’ Union will be able to use the “Durham University” name, shield, and colour following a consultation between the Union and the University over proposed branding changes.

In March, the University proposed that societies belonging to Durham Students’ Union would not be allowed to use the “Durham University” name, Palatinate purple, or University crest in their branding.

However, societies “will not be permitted to use the complete, trademarked University logo, and will be encouraged and supported by [Durham Students’ Union] to develop their own, unique society logo if they don’t currently have one,” a post on the Union website reads.

The proposal arose as part of the University’s desire to “strengthen their own brand,” believing that the branding of Durham Students’ Union societies should “make clear that the societies are part of Durham Students’ Union and not part of Durham University.”

Last term, Durham Students’ Union organised a Societies Forum which allowed society members to provide feedback on the proposed changes.

“It’s really great that the feedback we collected on the original proposal at Societies Forum has been listened to by the University to achieve a solution like this,” Kara-Jane Senior, Activities Officer, wrote on the Union website.

“Our groups have always been a place for students to further their interests, challenge themselves, create change and forge their own direction. These skills make them great advocates for their groups and the issues that affect them, which we’ve seen in this situation.

“We know that the wide variety of student activities on offer in Durham and Queen’s Campus is one of the things that attract people to the University. Our groups are an integral part of the student experience and should be recognised within the Durham University community,” Senior concluded.

Photograph: Durham Students’ Union

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