Future of Queen’s Campus to undergo consultation


The future of Queen’s Campus is to undergo a “wide and robust consultation process” that will involve staff, students, and University stakeholders, Vice Chancellor Professor Stuart Corbridge wrote in an email to students today.

Professor Corbridge said that a “working group” will look to “refine and explore possible futures” for Queen’s Campus, which has been part of Durham University for over 20 years.

“University Executive Committee (UEC), Senate, and Council are agreed on the need for a clear vision for the University, including the future of Queen’s Campus and a working group will be looking to refine and explore possible futures for Queen’s Campus,” the Vice Chancellor wrote.

“The group’s first priority is to ask you for your views on Queen’s as part of a robust and wide consultation process which will involve our staff, our students and our key external stakeholders.

“Over the coming weeks we will be inviting you to participate through a questionnaire and face-to-face meetings and workshops. More details of how to get involved will follow shortly.

The Vice Chancellor also noted that the UEC has “taken a decision, supported by University Council and Senate, not to maintain our option on a development site at the North Shore, adjacent to Queen’s Campus, which was due for renewal.

“This decision not to increase our presence at Queen’s at this time does not impact on our existing academic and student operations.

“However Queen’s, like many other aspects of University business, will be reviewed over the coming year as part of our Academic Strategy work programmes. All such reviews will of course be subject to consultation with staff and students.”

“I must emphasise that nothing has been decided. It is important we give ourselves time and space to fully analyse and evaluate both this issue and all the work programmes in the Academic Strategy. I will continue to keep you informed and a further update will follow this term,” the email concluded.

Photograph: Wikimedia Commons

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