#FoodPorn vs #CrappyMeal



Looking for a new porn site? Instagram is pretty good at getting juices flowing. As discussed in the last issue, food porn is rife and seemingly unstoppable.

If you’ve got a beautiful plate of food and you haven’t shared it on social media (preferably on insta to @palatinatefood) then you are doing it completely wrong.

Although, we don’t want to just conform, let’s change it up and also embrace something that is relevant and a reality for a lot of students.

Abolish the mouth-watering, up close, filtered-to-perfection food pictures and replace them with what is often the ugly truth when it comes to dinner.

Our Instagram campaign moves towards getting rid of the stereotype that students cannot cook but also using the stereotype to our advantage because sometimes it is just necessary!

is this issue’s #foodporn queen with this artfully arranged dinner of chorizo, thyme and white bean stew while Abby Warwick’s gloopy ready meal leaves much to be desired (lets hope it’s not horse).


















Think you can do better? Or worse…? Tag us in your insta food pics @palatinatefood with the hastag #foodporn or #crappymeal depending on the state of your plate.

Photography: Lucy Hart, Abby Warwick

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