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While it was Pancake Day a few days ago… maybe you missed out, forgot completely or just want a repeat. Palatinate food and drink are here to tell you that you don’t need a day to tell you whether to eat pancakes or not!

Plus if you’re buying toppings, batter mix, or ready made pancakes, the super markets are going to be dying to get rid of it to make way for more Easter eggs so throw caution to the wind and break free of conformity!


Here are some tips, recommendations and recipes to satisfy your pancake-y needs for all abilities, budgets and laziness.


Fancy your hand at making them yourself? Jamie Oliver has a really simple pancake recipe that’s quick and easy. Makes 4-6 “really good ones”: 1 egg, 1 cup self raising flour, 1 cup milk and pinch of salt. Whisk. Pour into a hot frying pan. Flip!

Convenient treat:

The Pancake Café at Crossgate serves large crepe style flat pancakes filled generously with sweet or savoury fillings. Some popular combinations include: leek and blue cheese, maple and bacon, scrambled egg and smoke salmon, banana, honey and cinnamon and lemon and sugar, although they always change. Savoury pancakes are served with a salad and sweet ones with ice cream. Yum. Plus they are open later than most of the city’s cafes with closing time at 6pm on Tuesdays to Saturday and 3pm on Sunday, closed all day Mondays.

Lazy (and cheap):

Tesco in market square, or if you can venture there, big Tesco, do a good selection of pancake goods. There’s plenty to choose from, pre made scotch pancakes, chocolate filled rolled crepes or packs of ready-made flat pancakes. If you want to make them yourself but without the hassle of buying separate ingredients, their everyday value batter mix starts at just 15p!


If American is more your style, Saddlers café on Saddler Street (of course) offers a good selection of American style pancakes on their breakfast menu, which is served all day! They have a good variety of toppings to suit all tastes. Friendly staff and quick service in this café make it a great one to visit.



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