Final term, finally ‘normal’


‘Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.’ Usually, these somewhat ‘motivational’ quotes give an ick that no dance move in Jimmy Allen’s could ever top, but this encouragement of optimism around this rainy, busy and generally miserable time of year resonated.

As we reach the penultimate week of the term that saw the end of the University’s beloved LFT system, multiple UCU strikes, and an unhealthy number of summatives, the thought of a break seems well-deserved. However, with such an eventful term full of not one but two storms, it is no wonder that it may feel challenging to ‘live like it’s spring’ just yet.

That said, there is so much to look forward to as we reach the end of this term: to name a few, ‘normal’ club nights, unmasked Tesco visits, and for finalists the first ‘normal’ graduation of their University career.

‘Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring’

Spring is often referred to as ‘The Season of New Beginnings.’ After two years of interrupted studies, travel and life in general, focussing on a ‘new beginning’ rather than fixating on what was lost seems healthy. Finalists are consistently offered told that their University career has not been ‘normal,’ and yet there is actually not a year group at Durham who have had the luxury of pursuing a pre-coronavirus lifestyle in recent years.

This seems to be changing, though, and this fortnight’s edition of Indigo adopts this idea of looking forward, rather than back. Indigo is sure to get you in the holiday spirit, or just generally get excited for the many exciting events and season to come. Film and TV, Visual Arts, and Food and Drink celebrate spring by explaining their favourite foods, films and artworks that the season has to offer. Travel, Music and Features focus on the joys of Easter including travel escapes and choral music.

In the spirit of spring, Books takes us back to our childhood with an interview of two Durham students pursuing their dream of becoming fantasy novelists. Stage continues to make readers excited for what is to come with a director’s note for the Finalist’s Showcase, and Interview offers readers the chance to learn more about the St Aidans Banipal Writing Fellow. Finally Creative Writing showcases some empowering stories celebrating International Women’s Day.

As we look ahead, elements of the dreaded Covid-19 have still not fully left our lives: many exams are still online, testing to get into certain countries is still mandatory and despite the change in government recommendations masks are still a common sight. That said, it is clear that the world is opening up. So, ‘live like it’s spring,’ and more specifically, a spring unlike one we have endured during the era of Covid-19.


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