I will tell you about my final year at university

By Thomas Niven

To you, so many years in the future, I will tell you about my final year at university: 

Concentration, eddies and flows

Drifting away, as so much rain. 

The future, I did once treasure;

Now bleak and void to my hurt mind. 

Cacophony ringing my

Eardrums to pain, the task returns.

Panic floods all, each neuron

And every muscle, screaming, wounded. 

This weight I bear, of futures

Uncertain and, so terrifying

Drags, chains, buries, a young man’s mind.

Escape is all I cling to, crave

Hope shines, a light cresting over

A distant, pure, horizon that

I drag myself, ever toward.

I can do this and do it well.

Never forget what you were in this place. Strive to overcome.

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