Exclusive: New restaurant-café hybrid run by Flat White owners to replace New Inn

By Clara Gaspar and Sophie Gregory 

A new restaurant, bar and café business is being opened by the founders of Flat White in place of the New Inn on Church Street.

Patrick Clark and Peter Anglesea are set to open the new business in October, in time for Freshers’ Week 2018.

Speaking exclusively to Palatinate, the pair revealed that their new venture will be targeted towards residents and students alike.

The space, which is already under construction, will be split in two. It will comprise of a restaurant with a bar, and a café. The space will also feature outside seating.

The bar will continue to serve local ales but will offer a more “upmarket” experience, including speciality cocktails and “good, honest food”.

They clarified that the business will be separate from the existing Flat White cafés.

Speaking to Palatinate, the pair stated that they expect to employ 20-30 staff in the new business. Flat White currently employs 30-40 members of staff across two sites, predominantly local residents.

In light of the Silver Street shop closures, Mr Anglesea told Palatinate that “it is important that Durham embraces change” and that “businesses can truly thrive among both residents and students”.

Clark and Anglesea told Palatinate that the restaurant is set to be “mid-price point” but will offer “an experience that people will be excited about”.

Mr Clark said: “You will be able to come for a coffee and rocky road but also enjoy a sit-down meal.”

The business will offer speciality cocktails and “good, honest food”

The duo described the new endeavour as comparable to existing restaurants like Shoreditch House in London and now-closed Bistro 21 in Durham.

Mr Anglesea stated “We’re both boys from Durham and we know the City well. We’re constantly travelling up and down from London and trying to get a view of the new trends.”

Durham resident, Theresa Hamilton, told Palatinate: “It’s awful for the staff [at the New Inn] but the pub wasn’t making any money, so they obviously couldn’t keep it going.”

Miranda van Noorden, third-year student, stated “It is a shame I am graduating (hopefully) before it opens because it sounds like it will be a really exciting place to eat, especially as it is opposite the library. It is also really great to see independent businesses thriving.”

Photograph: Sophie Gregory

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  1. nemo
    Apr 27, 2018 - 12:34 PM

    Oh joy. Yet another re-invention of the New Inn. Still, at least it’s not a bloody Scream pub any more.

  2. Rory
    May 04, 2018 - 06:25 PM

    Nice to know that the food will be good and honest. But would anyone ever admit to serving food that wasn’t good? “Honest” meaning that the descriptions wll be honest I suppose.

  3. Kevin Thompson
    Sep 13, 2018 - 09:35 AM

    Very brave of these catering entrepreneurs. I hope they find the right staff to carry out this venture.

    If you find a chef who can make good honest gravy, please let me know as I’ve only found one in the county of Durham.


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