Durham University students back Biden

By Lilith Foster-Colins

Durham Polling, in collaboration with Palatinate, carried out a poll prior to the election to identify what Durham students expect to happen in the presidential race. Durham Polling is a student-run polling service, designed to gauge student public opinion. It uses weighting to ensure that responses are representative of the student population. The survey was of 108 respondents.

The results show that most students predict Joe Biden will win the election (56.5%) with just under a third thinking that Donald Trump will win. National polls predicted a strong lead for Biden in the lead up to the election, and Biden was also polling well in key swing states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The student poll replicates these predictions.

Students showed consistent support for Joe Biden as the preferred winner. Respondents were asked which candidate they wanted to win the 2020 US election; 84.3% of students wanted Biden to win, with just 5.6% supporting Trump.

These results are reflective of a trend for young people and those with a university education to be more anti-Trump. Exit poll data from the 2016 election showed that people with a graduate education were more likely to vote democrat rather than republican. Those under 45 were more likely to vote Clinton than Trump, with the effect particularly prominent for those under 29. The poll has been useful in demonstrating that Durham Students’ opposition to Donald Trump is representative of these demographic trends.

Image: Durham Polling

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