Durham University announces that most exams will remain online

By Emily Doughty

Durham University has announced that most exams will remain online for the current academic year. However, like last year, some exams could be held in a timed format either in person or online. 

It was also announced that the examination period would be between Monday 8th May and Friday 2nd June 2023. 

In an email to all students Examinations and Assessment Manager, Peter Fieldhouse, said that in the Senate meeting it was agreed that “most examinations in 2022–23 would be delivered online in an open format over 24 hours”.  Some exams though could be held in a timed format in person or online if  “there was a need driven by accreditation requirements of assessment design” 

He went on to say that “work is now underway within each department to finalise arrangements for individual examinations” and confirmed “departments will then provide a further update to students separately”. 

“most examinations in 2022-23 would be delivered online in an open format over 24 hours”

Examinations and assessment manager peter fieldhouse

Some departments have already announced their decision on how exams will be held. The School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA) announced in October that all exams for second and third years would be 24 hour open-book exams. 

Similar confirmation was given to those studying in the Department of Classics and Ancient History, who were told that there would be “no in-person written examinations”.

Professor John Nash, Head of the Department for English, had also told students in the faculty that they could “have a high degree of confidence that the overall, general format of exams will be similar to those you have taken in the past two years”. This would be confirmed in Epiphany term. 

The communication also announced the main examination periods for the current academic year, which will be Monday 8th May and Friday 2nd June 2023. The resit period will be between Monday 7th August and Friday 18th August 2023. In-person examinations formats will apply in both the main exam period and the resit period. 

Individual timetables will be released to students on 9th March 2023.


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